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          Industrial & Consumer Goods

          Industrial & Consumer Goods

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          Reliable packaging solutions

          Flexible Products and Services

          Greif Flexibles provides a wide variety of FIBCs, container liners, and other flexible packaging to satisfy the technical and regulatory requirements of the industrial and consumer goods industry.

          • Complete portfolio of static protective FIBCs (Type B, C or D)
          • Hazardous goods can be safely handled and transported with full adherence to UN regulations

          Flexible Products and Services
          Paper Packaging

          Paper Packaging

          Greif’s Multicorr plant offers solutions to your bulk packaging needs.  Multicorr has your key markets covered.  From building products, furniture, electronics, tobacco, automotive, and recreational equipment we guarantee protection in transit for a safe delivery.  Our 3-5 day lead times allow the fastest speed to market in the corrugated bulk packaging industry. 

          GreenGuard – a full line of functional coatings and vapor corrosion inhibitors.  Options include:  water, moisture, abrasion, and oil and grease resistance.  GreenGuard is offered in a variety of colors and overprints.

          Greif has a network of dedicated sheet feeders that manufacture corrugated sheets.   We offer superb board quality, 24-hour lead times, and exceptional customer service.  We manufacture board constructions from single wall to triple wall and offer an array of flutes, paper grades, coatings, and testing services.